Restoration Versus Replacement

Kitchen cabinetry can be damaged by age, “wear and tear”, water, or fire. Restoration of the damage can provide substantial savings in cost, time, and anxiety over replacement.

Certified Service's restoration process targets the damage and, in most cases, leaves the kitchen operational during the process.


1. Determine if they can be restored to pre-loss condition.

2. Evaluate cabinets to determine best repair method.

3. Perform carpentry and mIllwork tasks for restoration.  

4. Efficiently replace damaged areas and match finishing.

In the case of cabinets damaged by aging or “wear and tear”, the doors and drawers are removed and taken to our shop for repair and refurbishing. On site, the cabinet exteriors are thoroughly cleaned, touch up stain is applied, followed by a top-coat finish. The doors and drawers, having gone through the same process, are brought back to the house and reinstalled. Modifications to existing cabinets, such as adding a wine rack, changing to glass doors, or installing new hardware can be made to update the look of the existing cabinets.

Timely restoration of cabinets damaged by fire and water can be achieved by targeting the loss related damage and minimizing the removal of cabinets and countertops. Certified Services Co. has over 50 years of experience with insurance claims, coordinating with adjusters and general contractors daily. Certified Services has tradesmen and craftsmen skilled in removal and reinstall of cabinets, countertops, and plumbing.

Water damaged cabinets are disassembled and rebuilt using the original face frames, doors, and drawers, ensuring a match to the existing non-damaged cabinets. Fire damaged face frames, doors, and drawers are cleaned, deodorized, sanded, stained, and top-coat finished, while the smoke and fire damaged boxes are replaced. In that case, it may be necessary to clean and finish the existing non-damaged cabinets to create a uniform appearance.

Ideally, countertops would remain in place with supports when base cabinet are removed. This process keeps the kitchen functional during the repair, aids in “speeding up” the project, minimizes damage to surrounding walls and tile, and minimizes the risk of countertop damage. When base cabinet damage is extensive, expert technicians are brought in for countertop removal and reinstall, along with associated plumbing and electrical work.

Remember this – with any fire or water damage loss, it is important not to dispose of any cabinets, doors, drawers, or hardware prior to a professional restoration assessment.

Cabinet refurbishing can be completed in less time than shopping for new cabinets and the removal and replacement of the old cabinets, with less disruption and “down time” and with an average cost of 65% to 70% less than replacement.

Restoration is environmentally responsible by reducing waste, saving trees, and lowering emissions. Eliminate the headaches of coordinating multiple trades and allow Certified Services Co. to coordinate phone calls, inspections, and schedules. Our high-quality work is guaranteed.


There's no limit to our cabinet restoration or reproduction capabilities. We perform our work with a high level of precision and the utmost care for your property. Let us see the space you want to restore or improve and we'll come up with the best solution for you!


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